What is Power of God Television?

Power of God Television, a 24-hour service oriented spiritual channel has been launched in accordance with the vision that Rev. Dr. A. Jawahar Samuel received from Lord Jesus Christ.  This is all about the Lord Almighty’s will for the betterment of mankind, for carrying His saving, healing and protecting power.  Its motto is to reach the unreached and spread the divine love and peace regardless of the barriers of caste, religion, language or race.  The channel aims to be incessantly instrumental in bringing about peace and prosperity to the nations.  It would be ceaselessly striving to touch hearts and change lives.  It would constantly endeavour to eradicate the evils that plague the society and help people lead better lives.   Power of God Television aims to provide solutions to the myriad visible and invisible hurdles that humans face today.  The channel would strive to provide more of hands-on solutions to your problems rather than prattling out something that is bookish and template oriented.

How Power of God Television Impacts Your Lives?

  • A refreshing approach to Gospel
  • Truth presented as it is
  • Positively impacting lives through character building programmes
  • Programmes with inspirational themes from the Bible for children and adults
  • Live dial-in programmes
  • Path-breaking sermons
  • Gospel music programmes
  • Relationship recovery programmes
  • Programmes aiming at drug and alcohol rehabilitation
  • Programmes for empowerment of young and emerging leaders
  • Intercessory sessions
  • School of praise and worship
  • Life-changing testimonies.

Why you need to watch Power of God TV?

In a bid to reach millions of hungry and needy souls with the life-changing power of Lord Jesus Christ, Power of God TV uses state-of-the-art cutting edge technology.  You get to watch the ministry of mighty men of God such as Rev. Dr. A. Jawahar Samuel and Ev. Daniel Jawahar and many other spiritual leaders of the nation.  You can witness the healing love of the Lord Almighty and His unparalleled miracle-working power.  Get to experience supernatural miracles of biblical proportions day in and day out, be pulled out from the point of no return, be delivered from the clutches of curses, experience the fulfillment of God’s promises and receive blessings from above.   Though much effort goes into the production and presentation of the programmes, the channel is still in its teething stage; therefore an exciting evolution is on the cards.  By making the channel a part and parcel of your lives, you get to watch the metamorphosis that it will keep undergoing through the the unmistakable and unique hands of the Master Potter